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Pakistan intelligence kills Pashtun leaders via "good Taliban"

Arif Wazir, who died at the hands of terrorists, was one of the prominent leaders of the Pashtun resistance in Pakistan / Photo from Ali Wazir's Twitter account.

Islamabad is trying to prevent its opponents from quarantine

In Pakistan, one of the leaders of the Pashtun national movement Arif Wazir was killed. His comrades-in-arms do not doubt that the Pakistani secret services and the Taliban militants associated with this crime (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) are behind this crime. Pashtun politicians accuse Islamabad of supporting the practice of political killings and state terrorism.
Arif Wazir, 35, one of the leaders of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), a social, political, national and human rights movement of Pakistani Pashtuns, died in a medical clinic in Islamabad yesterday. On the evening of May 1, in the city of Van (the administrative center of the South Waziristan district of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), while walking after Iftar (an evening meal at Ramadan), Arif Wazir was seriously injured by unknown criminals.
“Arif Wazir and his relative left the house on the street, where armed terrorists were waiting for him in a dark-parked car,” an informed source close to the Tahafuz movement told NG. - The militants opened fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, as a result of which Arif Wazir received three serious injuries - in the neck, shoulder and head. The criminals fled, Arif Wazir was taken to the city hospital "Dera Ismail Khan". The condition of the Pashtun politician was so difficult that he had to be urgently transported to a clinic in Islamabad. Arif Wazir lost a lot of blood, a brain injury was seriously injured as a result of a bullet wound, he died on May 2 in an Islamabad hospital during an operation. ”
Arif Wazir was a relative of another leader of the Pashtun Tahafuz movement, a well-known politician, deputy of the Pakistani parliament Ali Wazir. “This is a very famous Pashtun family, many of its members were activists of the national movement and suffered for this,” a source in Peshawar related to PTM said in an interview with NG. “Arif's father and brother were killed by terrorists last year.” Then the criminals, like this time, managed to escape, the authorities did not bother too much with their searches. Because it is obvious - the Pakistani special services are the customers of the murders of Arif, his father and brother, and the perpetrators are the so-called “good Taliban,” that is, militants controlled by Pakistani intelligence. ”
Arif Wazir’s death caused widespread outrage among the Pashtun political and social leaders. The leaders of the reputable Pashtun National People’s Party Avami, which is closely associated with the Pashtun Tahafuz movement, condemned the political assassination: several functionaries of the Avami party have also recently been the victims of attacks by the “good Taliban” terrorists.
According to Sardar Hussein Babak, general secretary of the Avami party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, contract killings have long been carried out by “good Taliban” in Waziristan, Mardan, Buner, Swat, Dir and other Pashtun areas of Pakistan: “Last month they one of the regional leaders of the Avami party was killed. Unfortunately, the state knows about this, but does nothing to stop the crimes. ” “There is a big game on the lands of Pashtuns,” Sardar Hussein Babak emphasized. - Everywhere there are active cells (militants) that carry out contract killings, and the state does not stop it, it does not interfere with terrorists. The state is not interested in peace in this region. And this proves that the state supports such actions. ”
One of the leaders of the Pashtun Tahafuz movement, a deputy of the Pakistani national assembly (parliament) Mohsin Javid Davar, commenting on the attempt on his ally, wrote on Twitter that “Arif Wazir was killed by the state and the“ good Taliban ”and promised to fight against the“ masters of terrorists ” - Pakistan state machine.
The famous Pashtun politician, public figure and scientist Dr. Afrasiab Khattak called the murder of Arif Wazir "a crime against the Pashtuns in Pakistan", which "is part of a project that is directed against the Pashtuns / Afghans on both sides of the Durand line (Afghan-Pakistani border -" NG "). “The Pashtuns will not silence terror,” says Dr. Afrasiab Hattak.
“State-sponsored terrorists killed yet another brave son of the Pashtun homeland who opposed the politics of terrorism and extremism on the part of the Pakistani state,” commented the famous Pashtun politician and public figure, one of the Pashtun Tahafuz movement leaders, Sana Ijaz. “A policy based on terrorism never ends.” The murder of Arif Wazir shows that the state is again in the mode of playing its deadly chess in the homeland of the Pashtuns. We see the next phase of bloodshed and death of our people. "
According to Sana Ijaz, it is no coincidence that the murder of Arif Wazir was organized during the coronavirus epidemic, when the attention of the whole world was diverted to threats from COVID-19, and in Pakistan there was a ban on mass political actions: “The assassination of Arif Wazir happened at that a time when the world was faced with a pandemic so that it could not see how the Pakistani state and the terrorist fighters sponsored by it kill peaceful Pashtun political activists ... The world does not see how their terrorism devours us all. ”
“We Pashtuns condemn this barbaric crime,” Muhammad Navid, director of the Pushtun cultural and business center of Pashtun, said in an interview with NG, commenting on the murder of Arif Wazir. - Those responsible for this tragedy must be found and punished. What is happening is nothing but the genocide of the Pashtuns. We want peace and justice in our land. ” According to Muhammad Navid, Pakistan regularly kills and kidnaps Pashtuns: “This state of affairs cannot go on. It is necessary that people on the lands of Pashtun begin to feel safe, that jobs appear, human rights begin to be respected, conditions for the development of the Pashtun language and culture are created. ”
Political experts familiar with the situation believe that the murder of Arif Wazir is a multi-way combination, the purpose of which is to split and provoke a conflict within the leadership of the Pashtun Tahafuz movement. “This movement has existed for about two years and continues to gain popularity, especially among young Pashtuns,” one observer noted in an interview with NG. - PTM shares are gathering hundreds of thousands of people, they are becoming more powerful, cause growing interest, strengthen solidarity between the Pashtuns living in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is alarming among official Islamabad and the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies. The coronavirus pandemic reduced PTM activity for several months, as it became impossible to conduct massive street political events due to quarantine.But the threat of COVID-19 will sooner or later pass and then the Pashtun Tahafuz protest political potential will spill onto the streets of Pakistani cities, dragging other ethnic and social groups of Pakistani society, dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the country. The assassination of Arif Wazir and other terrorist acts against PTM leaders and activists today is an attempt to prevent the Pashtun national movement from rapidly entering the political scene in the post-coronavirus period. ”The assassination of Arif Wazir and other terrorist acts against PTM leaders and activists today is an attempt to prevent the Pashtun national movement from rapidly entering the political scene in the post-coronavirus period. ”The assassination of Arif Wazir and other terrorist acts against PTM leaders and activists today is an attempt to prevent the Pashtun national movement from rapidly entering the political scene in the post-coronavirus period. ”
In this regard, it is worth recalling that the Pashtun Tahafuz movement participated in the big Pashtun Loya Jirga (a meeting of political, tribal and religious leaders) in early 2020. Then it was decided to combine various political parties and Pashtun organizations to counter the state policy of genocide and terror. The second jirga was supposed to take place in March, however, it had to be postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and quarantine measures. “The postponement of the new jirga does not mean its cancellation,” a source familiar with the situation said in an interview with NG. - The new meeting of the Pashtun leaders will still take place in a few months, and a general strategy of political actions will be developed at it. Obviously, the Pakistani military-political establishment is most afraid of this today.Therefore, acts of political terror against leaders of the Pashtun national movement, as well as attempts to split it, became more frequent. ”
It is noteworthy that media activists associated with official Islamabad, Pakistani intelligence and the Taliban tried to give several of their very conflicting interpretations of the reasons for the murder of Arif Wazir. Thus, representatives of the team of the governor of the Pakistani province of Punjab hastened to declare that the assassination attempt on one of the leaders of Pashtun Tahafuz was allegedly organized by Afghan intelligence. The absurdity of this assumption is obvious - the Afghan government actively advocates for the rights and interests of Pashtuns living in Pakistani territory, encouraging the desire of Pashtun politicians to join forces. By the way, according to another PTM leader Manzur Pashtun, “today in Punjab there are real celebrations on the occasion of the tragic death of Arif Wazir,” and these celebrations are unlikely to be organized without the participation of the local administration.
Taliban media activist Ahmad Fayez tried on Twitter to accuse Arif Wazir of his relative, Ali Wazir, of relatives, alluding to the alleged “illegal relationship” between the killed Pashtun leader and Ali Wazir’s wife, Saira Nawab. Competent sources of NG note that it was this version of the “family conflict” that Pakistani intelligence officers authorized for distribution on social networks and the media: “The purpose of this dirty interpretation is obvious - playing on strict ethical standards of Pashtun public opinion, provoke conflicts in the surroundings of Ali Wazir "discredit himself and his family, ultimately, weaken the leadership of PTM."
The blogger Shahzeb Khan, judging by his posts on social networks, actively popularizing the actions of the Pakistani military-political establishment, did try to divert the search for customers of the murder of Arif Wazir into the sphere of tribal conflict between the Wazir and Dotani tribes, actively denying the involvement of the Taliban in the crime.
However, the orchestra of Pakistani intelligence bloggers, commenting on the social networks the murder of Arif Wazir, gave out not only fake notes these days. So, a certain Bakhtavar Shah, calling himself a “Pakistani patriot”, at the same time as the attempt on the leader of the “Pashtun Tahafuz”, reported the assassination of Sajid Hussein Baloch, an immigrant from Pakistan, killed by unknown persons in Sweden. “This shard was a fugitive who sat in Sweden and lied against Pakistan. In Sweden, the “missing person” was found dead, ”Bakhtavar Shah happily told his readers, adding that“ the process of sending enemies on a pilgrimage is in full swing ”:“ Wherever you go, you will find death! ”.
The Pakistani secret services, at the hands of Taliban militants and other terrorist organizations, seem to have stepped up their struggle with political opponents of Islamabad today. The murder of Arif Wazir may well be not the last. According to NG experts who are familiar with the situation, a real threat to life exists for leaders and activists of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, the Avami party and other Pashtun political associations. Recall that in August 2019, NG wrote about the preparation of the killings of Pashtun politicians by the Taliban . Judging by the May Day tragedy in the city of Wana, this forecast, unfortunately, comes true.
Source: http://www.ng.ru/world/2020-05-03/100_pakistan03052020.html
By: Andrey Serenko NG

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