fredag, maj 01, 2020

Acts of Desperation

Army with terrorist leader.

The government of Pakistan with its military junta thought that by imprisoning the leadership of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement, they are going to crush the movement and undermine the Pashtuns basic rights of living and existence, human rights, stability, and progress.

In its desperate action Pakistan imprisoned two prominent members of PTM, Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar, who were also members of Parliament in Pakistan National Assembly. Baseless charges of terrorism were brought against them. The facts showed to the world that the Pakistani military committed acts of terrorism against a peaceful gathering in Khar Kamar(خړ کمر).

The imprisonment of Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar gave more strength to the movement. After a short period of reorganization and reconsideration of policies, PTM launches peaceful meetings and gatherings and demanded the release of Ali Wazir, Mohsin Dawar and other PTM members. This strength and support was not local. The Afghans/Pashtuns throughout the world were united in PTM's voice and demands.

After many months of torture and atrocities, the Pakistani government and military junta had no choice but to release them, because all allegations were baseless and the Pakistani torture machinery was not able to force Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar to admit to something they no association with.
Now the Pakistani government and military junta show another act of desperation. It has imprisoned the leader of PTM. Manzoor Pashteen is not only a leader of PTM, but a leader of the Pashtuns around the world. Manzoor Pashteen has announced that on 2 February 2020 all Afghans/Pashtuns around the world will remember the killing of Professor Arman Loni. On this day Professor Loni was killed by Pakistani police, while he was he was sitting with his friends. The Pakistani government is afraid that the remembrance of Professor Arman Loni will show once again the real face of Pakistani government and armed forces.

Freshly brainwashed terrorist trained by Pakistan army

The Pakistani government and military junta think, by imprisoning Manzoor Pashteen, the are going to either break Manzoor Pashteen or weaken the movement. History has proven the opposite. Every time the Pakistani government has imprisoned Pacha Khan, he became stronger and more determined and the Khudaee Khedamtgar Movement gained more strengths.

Now the same will happen again. Manzoor Pashteen will become stronger and the movement will gain more strength. We live in 2020, not in 1940s and 1950s. Our voices cannot be silenced in jails. They were not even silenced then. Our time is not up. Our time has just started. How many of us will you imprison? How many of us will you kill? How many of us will you torture? How many of us will you make disappear? It is time that your atrocities and injustice should come to an end. We will show your true face, you acts of terrorism, and your acts of atrocities and genocide to the world. Your time is up.

By: Abdul Qayum Mohmand, PhD

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