tisdag, januari 07, 2020

The new commander of Quds Forces Ismail Qa'ani close ties with Northern Alliance in Afghanistan

What was Ismail Qa’ani, the new commander of Quds Force doing in Bamyan recently. Why do Iranian terrorists bat around the country so freely and carelessly? The answer to that is simply Irans close ties with the warlords of Northern Alliance such as Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Mohammad Mohaqiq and Latif Pedram. Their main goal is to make sure Afghanistan is becoming a puppet country to Iran. They share the same interests such as promoting Farsi inside Afghanistan since Tadjiks and Hazaras speaks both the same language as Iranians.

I've seen myself how containers after containers of books and literature from Iran is distributed freely as a gift from Iran to make sure that Afghanistan is influenced by the same mentality as the Iranians. Everyone inside in Afghanistan has noticed after September 11 that the language of the televisions narrators has changed from Dari to Farsi and more and more words from the Persian language is now used by the Tadjiks and especially Hazara people.  Sings in the streets has been changed to Farsi and students in university's are now speaking Farsi instead of Dari.

Ismail Qa'ani is as dangerous as Qasem Soleimani and should be watched closely including in best friends inside Afghanistan such as Abdullah Abdullah and Mohammad Mohaqiq. 

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