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Sandalai - How to keep warm in Afghanistan during winter


The traditional domestic heating system of the Afghans is the product of the skill of many generations of people who have lived with it and contributed for its improvement. There are principally three popular heating methods throughout the Afghan country; Tabakhana, Sandali, Angaitai.

Sinzali, Sandali is a popular heating method in Afghanistan. It is a low table whose size can vary, but on average measures 100cm on each side and 70cm high is common. The table is placed in the middle or in a corner of the room and is covered with a large square quilt or blanket. Soft and puffy cotton mattresses surround the table and rolled beds bundled together are put on the four sides of Sandali for leaning on.
A Mangal, a charcoal brazier filled with hot coal and covered with a bed of ashes, is placed under the Sandali to heat it up gradually. Once the Sandali is prepared, everyone gathers around and pulls the large quilt over their bodies to entrap the rising heat with only their shoulders, arms and heads uncovered with a support of large pillows called Balesht or Poshty. Due to modernization this custom is slowly dying out among Afghans/Pashtuns & new methods have been introduced, like using an electric heater put under the table covered with quilt. A similar product called a korsi is also used in Iran. In Spain, there is a similar item called a “mesa camilla” which is a small round table with a “brasero” heater placed underneath. Sandali is almost the same as a “kotatsu” which is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself and is exclusively used in Japan.

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