söndag, oktober 28, 2012

Border Talk Crosses The Line In Afghanistan

Foreign diplomats visiting Kabul tread carefully when it comes to the Durand Line, knowing full well that the colonial-era border separating British India and Afghanistan is a touchy subject. It was no secret that Washington considers the Durand Line — established by British India and the Kingdom of Afghanistan in 1893 — the modern-day border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland offered reminders of that fact during an October 23 press briefing in which she was questioned about Grossman’s comment. “Our policy on this has not changed,” she said. “It was correctly stated by Ambassador Grossman that we see this as the internationally recognized boundary.”.
But the comments have nevertheless raised hackles in Afghanistan, which has not recognized the Durand Line as its eastern border since Pakistan’s partition from the British Raj in 1947.

The Afghan daily “Weesa” this week quoted several Afghan lawmakers describing Grossman’s statement as interference in domestic Afghan affairs.
‘An Issue For Pashtuns, And Pashtuns Only’

The Durand Line is indeed divisive. It runs directly through traditional Pashtun lands, splitting one of the world’s largest tribal societies in two. Those to the west of the line are Afghan; to the east Pakistani.

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, the head of Kabul’s Center for Regional Studies of Afghanistan, says the Durand Line is considered a top national issue in the country, but one that is up to the Pashtuns themselves to decide.

“Recognizing the legitimacy of this line is in the hands of the masses that live on either side of the border. This is also the formal position of the Afghan government,” Liwal says. “This is why the Afghan government has protested against this [Grossman’s] statement.”
But there are those in Afghanistan who would rather not be reminded of that fact. “I think talking about such [controversial] issues will have negative consequences for relations between America and the people of Afghanistan,” Aryan Yoon, a member of the foreign-relations committee of the Afghan parliament, said this week. “I think it will benefit both countries if we desist from talking about such issues.”

Liwal, whose government-funded think tank researches strategic and foreign-policy issues, says most Afghans still dream of a return of the much bigger and united Afghanistan that existed before the advent of European colonialism in South Asia.

Modern Afghanistan emerged from the fragmentation of the Durrani dynasty, an 18th-century Pashtun empire based in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. Internal rivalries and wars eventually weakened the dynasty’s hold on regions that today constitute Pakistan and northern India.

lördag, oktober 27, 2012

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting T_STRING

How to fix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting T_STRING in PHP 5.3:

I had a script suddenly giving the above PHP Parse error. The simple solution to make it work is to add something before NAMESPACE.
An example:

function namespace($str){
global $sql, $mod;

Just change is to this:

function something_namespace($str){
global $sql, $mod; 

måndag, oktober 22, 2012

Loop transpose in excel

In order to transpose every five rows in a column into a single row you need to loop the transpose function. This can be timeconsuming but a solution to this can be the following macro:

Option Explicit
Public Sub TransposeX5()
  Const DoColumn As Integer = 1 ' transpose column A into columns B-F
  Const StartRow As Integer = 1 ' start at row 1
  Dim iLastRow As Long
  Dim iRow As Long
  Dim iOffset As Integer
  iLastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, DoColumn).End(xlUp).Row
  For iRow = StartRow To iLastRow Step 5
    For iOffset = 1 To 5
      Cells(iRow, DoColumn + iOffset) = Cells(iRow + iOffset - 1, DoColumn)
    Next iOffset
  Next iRow
End Sub

torsdag, oktober 11, 2012

Belöning utfäst efter mordförsök på flicka

Mordförsöket på den flicka i Pakistan, som i tisdags sköts i huvudet som hämnd för sin kamp för barns rättigheter, väcker avsky världen över. FN:s generalsekreterare Ban Ki-Moon uppges vara förfärad över attacken och USA:s president Barack Obama säger att dådet är "vidrigt och tragiskt", enligt en talesman för Vita huset.
Lokala pakistanska myndigheter har utfäst en belöning på 10 miljoner rupee, motsvarande närmare 700 000 kronor, för information som leder till att de som attackerade flickan grips. Pakistans talibaner har tagit på sig attacken och i ett uttalande sagt att kvinnor som sätter sig upp mot dem bör dödas.

Skolbarn ber för flickan

Malala Yousafzai träffades i huvudet och nacken av skotten, som föll i staden Mingora. I går opererades hon akut i Peshawar och läkare lyckades plocka ut minst en av kulorna. Enligt AFP överväger läkare att flyga henne utomlands för fortsatt vård, men i nuläget uppges hon vara i för dåligt skick för att kunna flyttas. Skolbarn i Pakistan ber för hennes tillfrisknande, skriver AFP.
Yousafzai blev internationellt känd då hon som elvaåring 2009 började blogga för urduspråkiga BBC om livet under talibanskt styre. Hon nominerades 2011 till det internationella barnfredspriset av organisationen Kids Rights Foundation.


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